B is for band-aid box

So I took the band-aid box to the PO and they said they couldn’t mail it.  Not because they didn’t want to but because it was too small.  A parcel has to be at least 3×5 (remember that) and it was about 1.5 inches off on one side and .75 off on the other.  So I brought it home and repackaged it.  Paige is going to send me a photo of the parcel when it reaches her so you can see what it looks like after the journey.  Here’s what it looks like before.  The bottles are old pharmacutical bottles and are filled with blackberry lily seeds.  They are one of my favorite summer flowers.And after the blossoms come the beautiful seeds, so gem-like.  Easy to grow and happy to self-seed.  I have some more seeds if you want some!

mailing container and contents

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