A is for…

Twayblade Orchid

Contents for “A” parcel

ORIGIN late 16th cent.: from tway (variant of twain) + blade, translating Latin: bifolium .

So I had never heard of twayblade before.  Now I know: two-leaves.  Like idiot-mittens, there is no separating the two.  This twayblade orchid must be magical when you find it in the woods.  I wonder if it has an enchanting fragrance.

It was pretty magical to open up the contents of Paige’s package.  The hay-scented fern had a beautiful fragrance and the contents seemed to multiply. Calendar pages, Ace Hardware bag full of azalea leaves and a paste paper landscape.  The letter “A” commands some respect, being the first letter and all.

Next Paige and I will meet in Canada as two of the 100 visual artists in the Emma International Collaboration  which meets near Big Lake Saskatchewan 2 hours north of Saskatoon. We’re anticipating a couple of letters might develop over the week.

See you in August!

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