The very glamorous “G” box


These are really the most amazing seed pods I’ve ever seen.

GFeathery Copy

Not only the plants, but their shadows were pretty enchanting too.

GCone flower

I’m assuming it’s a cone flower….wouldn’t you guess?

GInside Cropped

The glamorous, graceful and very generous “G” box was FULL!

The G box was absolutely abundant.  So many mysterious silhouettes. And lots of sweet fragrances, bergamot? sage? lavender? borage? And so many seeds!  Seed pods, seed heads, seeds.  What would the sub group in botany be called that studies the shape of seed pods?  These containers are so intriguing and so different from each other.  Why one shape over the next?  Maybe it’s because of the delivery system.  Fed Ex? UPS? USPS?

I’ll admit to them being more interesting than any of the shapes I’ve posted to Paige. Shapes, Silhouettes, Seeds. Three things to keep an eye on.

About the traveling

So these are some of the ways that the parcels go back and forth.  Click on them for a larger view.  Some of the images don’t do justice to the size that the parcels are relative to the size of the mail box…the one they are leaving or the one they’re going to.  Paige had to actually go to the PO for the Left-Handed pencil.  Maybe she should consider a bigger mail box?  I’m glad she painted it red.  (But I hope that doesn’t mean people use it for target practice….)

E is for (for)evergreen

So November brought evergreens from Burnsville to Madison. Mountain Evergreens.  Green Evergreens.  Fragrant Evergreens.  In an tin canister.