Step Right Up


An old slip and a sweet rendition of the letter “S”


How “S” was shipped, not so subtly and with stamps!


Sweetly synched slip with seeds

Slip with silver, sumac, sedge and sycamore.  The S box arrived, but I didn’t open it right away.  I know that there are only a couple of more letters headed this direction. Before I opened it, I savored its arrival, imagined the contents, then broke open the pod that was the packaging and explored the interior.   Was it really a slip?  What is sedge? Which is the sumac?What about that orange thread?  Maybe it once matched some of the seeds?  What IS the provenance of that slip?  It reminds me, I’ve wanted to recreate an old dress with seeds in the hem.  As if someone were transporting them clandestinely,  to save them for flourishing elsewhere.  Seeds are about potential.  So satisfying. Who isn’t optimistic about a collection of seeds.

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