Red and Violet



“R” (w)Rapped Rigidly and Redundantly with Red thread at Right Angles

ImageSo, inside the rectilinear red tin, rigidly (w)rapped, resides a multitude of Red objects heretofore reservedly resting in my studio.  My studio is a rather robust repository of recycled relics.  I’d be really happy to recount from whence they were rounded up and then share these raw materials with you.  To me they are not only red, but also rich and relevant …and probably redundant.  Read on…


One framed cabbage.

My first inclination was to make a video.  A violent video of viciously assaulted vegetables.  But I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  The cabbage was just so beautiful inside that I decided I had to try and capture that somehow.  So, I printed with it instead.  Here is a violet vegetable presented in a vintage frame.  Eh, voila!  My final letter.  My 13th.  Thank you Brassica Oleracea Capitata, I am happy that you could contribute. You are one very vibrant and beautiful vegetable.

What October looked like

Farmer Fred Fearlessly fends off the fox from his flock.  You go Fred!

Here Fred helps bring in the letter F. (Thank you Fred)

Fred’s mode of transport through the US Mail.

Here we have evidence of Fall and a few other items beginning with the letter L.

Leaves, Lavender-Colored Thread and a Left-handed Pencil

Thimbles and Thread Together in the Thick of Things

So where did October go exactly?  All I know is that with it went all of the leaves and the early evening light.  And on to Paige went 4 more letters of the alphabet: F, L, J & T.  You won’t see J here.  It is J for jewel.  A modest jewel, made from a cereal box and glue and a pin back.  All four letters went under separate cover.  One in a clementine crate, one in a large biscuit tin, one in a flat rate box and one in the green lunch box.  They didn’t all fit in Paige’s mail box but like John Bartram who had Benjamin Franklin, the large biscuit tin, had an interceder, the Burnsville post-office. They all arrived unscathed, I understand.  I think there is a certain amount of adventure that happens in risk taking.  It would be fine by me if eventually something arrives not quite right, maybe de-shelved or truncated. There are more alphabet boxes to go.  We’ll see how future ones fair in the shipping and receiving process. We’ll see how they go.